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Hello Guitar Show fans and friends. First, I would like to announce TheGuitarShow.org, Version 2.0 now in completion.

The original site was created by the show's own Rob Knippel. Kudos to Rob for getting things up and going here in cyberspace. With the show growing fast, the site is now moving forward with great new additions!

One such addition: The new Webmaster, Niko Orsini.

Niko appeared on the Guitar Show and has been writing, recording, and performing for 15 years.

"I've been a fan of the Guitar Show for many years. I met Mike Byrnes officially a few years ago in Ossining music Center. Having had a great time on the show, and being a fan just the same - I asked Mike if he'd mind some input about the website. One thing leading to another, Mike has given me the opportunity to take over management of TheGuitarShow.org. I love my job as a web designer, and I honestly could not ask for a more fun prospect. Thanks Mike!"

For more about Niko, go to:


For NEP Web Designs (Niko's web design company) go to:


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